Digital challenges

Digitalisation is much more than just a buzzword. Digitalisation stands for a new dimension of corporate challenges which need to be tackled in order to be able to survive in the market. Digitalisation is changing everything, raising questions which go far beyond the technology. Corporate structures, procedures and forms of organisation are being put to the test. Many things are being re-evaluated, ranked and classified – there will be no clear-cut remedies. The demands being placed on company managers are all the greater. Technical knowledge and business management expertise are essential if the right decisions are to be made for your organisation.

More than ever, high-quality benchmarks are taking on a strategic role. Only those who know how their company is set up in terms of the core issues are able to set the right targets and make decisions systematically. This is why the principle behind THE BENCHMARKING FORUM 2018 is:“Benchmarking and Beyond”.

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Dr. Kian Mossanen

Susanne Franke,