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ISSUES | Best practice workshops

Diversity, trends, overview

In the benchmarking project, relevant, important issues are discussed and surveyed in accordance with the wishes of many participants by means of proven data collection worksheets. The input data is validated by experienced consultants, enabling us to create a sound basis which allows a joint analysis with a view to identifying hidden potential. The evaluation of the data allows areas to be identified where participants can contribute their examples of best practice.

More than 200 key performance indicators are compiled during the course of THE BENCHMARKING FORUM and presented in clear and meaningful diagrams. Here are a few examples of possible issues:


Average age of employees, proportion ofexternal employees, proportion sourced,etc.


Priority and significance of innovative projects (cloud, big data, BYOD), etc.


Cost per workstation, IT costs per employee,
selected daily rates, etc.


Staff capacity required per unit, e.g. for
support or operation per server, etc.


Compliance with SLA, customer feedback
surveys, degree of maturity of
processes, etc.


Degree of virtualisation of servers, use of operating systems, etc.

In workshops, specific initiatives are derived by sharing best practices from the participants in order to establish how best in class values were achieved. This allows a fact-based exchange of information.

Presentation: “Earn your Lunch” – Digitalisation with an eye on budget and costs

Dr. Kian Mossanen studied business administration at the FriedrichAlexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. While studying for his doctorate he worked as a scientificassistant to the chair of IT Management there, at the same time working as a research student at Siemens AG.

From Siemens Dr. Mossanen moved to the Benteler Group, where his most recent position was IT director for Benteler Automobiltechnik GmbH. He subsequently held responsibility for global IT at OSRAM AG. Today Dr. Mossanen is Group CIO of theDräxlmaier Group.

Moderator: Susanne Franke


The moderator at our event 2018 is once again the journalist Susanne Franke, who is a well-known news presenter and hosts a range of TV shows on ARD, Bayerisches Fernsehen, Deutsche Welle and 3Sat.

Ms Franke also works as a reporter with BR Radio and TV and with the BBC World Service in London. The engaging journalist from Lower Bavaria has already worked for Maturity – as moderator of the 2016 Bensberger Kreis event and as a presenter on training DVDs.


Validation/plausibility check

Validation and plausibility checking
ensure the companies surveyed are
genuinely comparable in peer groups
and the results are meaningful.

Best practice

In line with our philosophy, we regard
benchmarking projects as
starting points from which specific
improvements are developed.